Free Energy Assessment

Savings Calculation

Here is the calculation to determine the amount of
energy you can save.

50 Existing Watts (-) 10 Proposed Watts =

40 Watts Saved

40 Watts Saved (x) 2,000 Hours of Operation =

80000 Watt Hours Saved

80,000 Watt Hours Saved (/) 1,000 =

80 Kilowatt Hours Saved

$100 Total Eletric Bill Cost (/) 1,000 kWh Used =

$0.10 Cost of Energy per kWh

80 Kilowatt Hours Saved (x)
$0.10 Cost of Energy per kWh =

$8 Dollars Saved

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LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions to reduce your energy demand, save money on operating costs and increase value in your building.

Rebates & Financing Options

Get significant energy efficient lighting savings from the government rebate and financing experts.

Renewable Energy

GES provides custom solutions and secures project capital for your solar and storage project utilizing tax efficient equity, debt and a variety of structures in markets across the USA.

Energy Savings and Peace of Mind

Greenleaf Energy Solutions (GES) delivers practical commercial energy efficiency solutions to meet your energy, environmental and social ideals and save you a lot money. The process begins with a complimentary energy assessment to determine what you and your business need to maximize efficiency, lighting quality, comfort and increase your bottom line. Greenleaf Energy Solutions offers customers access to interest-free project financing, which helps streamline the process and free up capital. The GES team of professional consultants and energy experts know the ins and outs of utility rebates and have brought significant savings to our clients.