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About Us

Greenleaf Energy Solutions is dedicated to delivering practical energy solutions one customer at a time.

Through our alliances with utility companies, manufacturers, and financial institutions, we design and execute energy efficiency upgrades to provide our customers with the most technologically innovative and sustainable products available. We offer a high level of customer care in the industry with an exclusive five-year warranty that is unsurpassed.




Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction drives all of our behavior.
Attention to details - large and small - is a pillar of GES' core values. We consistently develop and implement practical solutions in a timely and ethical fashion, earning customers' trust and establishing mutually rewarding, long-term relationships.


Greenleaf is committed to becoming exemplary stewards of the world around us.
Every project completed, materials are properly disposed and recycled as it is our responsibility to use natural resources carefully and carry out our business with environmental, economic and social sustainability in mind.

Greenleaf Leadership

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