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Projects Up for Bid

Below is a list of projects that Greenleaf Energy Solutions has in its pipeline. These are all viable opportunities and Greenleaf representatives are in touch with each of the decision makers.

If a project is of interest to your company, please click the project and complete the form attached. A Greenleaf representative will be in contact with you shortly after sending in the qualification form.

Project Up for Bid/Sale

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250,000 Sq Ft Facility, PA – Needs New Chiller

350,000 Sq Ft Facility, PA – Needs New Roof

350,000 Sq Ft Facility, MA – Needs Generator

125,000 Sq Ft Facility, TX – Needs New Roof

75,000 Sq Ft Facility, ID – Needs LED’s

400,000 Sq Ft School, CT – Needs New Roof


More coming soon...