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Case Study:

American House Zephryhills

American House Zephryhills, a community that has been serving seniors and their families for nearly 40 years. Specializing in dependent living, assisted living, and hospice care.

Greenleaf Energy Solutions' goal was to install LED lighting, window film, and air sealing for American House Zephryhills -Senior Living. Working in tandem, the objective of GES and AHZ was to implement energy efficiency upgrades for improved substantially, while simultaneously reducing cost. Our two teams believed the quality of life for the residents could be greatly increased with proper lighting throughout the community.

What measures we installed

Greenleaf installed

  • LED lighting
  • Window film
  • Air sealing

Greenleaf did an excellent job. We appreciated the quality of service and the speed that the project was completed. We definitely will keep the Greenleaf team in mind for projects in the future.

- Larry Kronish, Regional Director Facility Management

How these measures benefited American House Zephryhills.

The energy efficiency upgrades have substantially improved the quality of life for the residents and lowered energy costs.

Annual Cost Savings
Return on investment
Annual Energy Savings (kWh)
Energy Savings


Retrofitting can be a very cost-effective method for your business to scale, while saving operational costs.

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