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Case Study:

Columbia Manufacturing, Inc.

Columbia Manufacturing World-class aerospace supplier for OEM hardware, assemblies processes. MRO repair station services for commercial, military, and ground-based turbine engines.

Columbia Manufacturing has proudly served customers in the aerospace and related industries since 1980. They provide precision components for domestic and international turbine engine manufacturers and fabricate/repair complex sheet metal assemblies.

What measures we installed


All of the manufacturing floor high-bays were replaced with high efficiency GE LED fixtures. These luminaires came equipped with integrated Daintree sensors and controls.

"The lights made a tremendous difference in our shop.... when parts come off the machines the team can clearly spot any defects or imperfections before going to quality control"

- Keith Heinonen, Facility Manager.

How these measures benefited Columbia Manufacturing

Columbia benefited from a large reduction in operating and energy costs. The new equipment installed increased foot candles and color-rendering making for a safer and more productive working environment. Upon completion of the job, all products and workmanship are fully warranted by Greenleaf for 5 years.

Annual Cost Savings
Lighting fixtures retrofitted
Annual Energy Savings (kWh)
Annual Return on Investment


Retrofitting can be a very cost-effective method for your business to scale, while saving operational costs.

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