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Case Study:

Gunn Memorial Library

Greenleaf Energy Solutions helps historical library avoid future maintenance with LED lighting.

Libraries are not just a space to check out and read books, they have become multifaceted as the tasks that happen around the book stacks. Gunn Memorial Library provides free public space for over 45,000 visitors a year utilizing it as a community space, place to interact with neighbors, discuss current topics, enjoy a quiet afternoon, interactive children activities and more.

“Greenleaf was flexible working with our local contractor, avoided any disruption by completing the work during non-business hours and now I don’t have to worry about replacing another light bulb again!”

- Jean Chapin, Executive Director

Deliverable Savings

Gunn Memorial Library does not have a janitor on staff which means a simple task of replacing a light bulb become daunting. The historic library selected Greenleaf Energy Solutions to upgrade the interior and exterior lighting to LED not just for energy savings but to no longer worry about the lighting maintenance. The library avoided using lighting in their vaulted sealings because they did not have a ladder tall enough to replace the lights when they burned out.

Greenleaf provides all customers a five-year white-glove warranty taking the stress, responsibility and time off of the customer and saving them on maintenance expenses.

Utility Incentive
Pounds of avoided coal burned
Annual Cost Savings
(kWh)Annual Energy Savings
LEDs Installed


Retrofitting can be a very cost-effective method for your business to scale, while saving operational costs.

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