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Case Study:

Maplewood Senior Living

Maplewood Senior Living are upscale senior living residences with each property purposely designed to have a distinct look, feel and personality.

Incorporating Green Initiatives

Maplewood is committed to providing its signature standard of excellence to their residents and working with Greenleaf Energy Solutions could uphold their standard. The leadership team understood that upgrading their facilities to LED lighting would provide energy, cost and maintenance savings but the driving force for Maplewood was to improve the quality of light for their residence.


“Greenleaf Energy Solutions showed us how a retrofit of our existing lighting systems could help improve safety in public spaces while improving the overall visual comfort for residents. The local utility incentives further helped us prioritize this initiative. Over, we’re very happy.”

- Tom Gaston, Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Development at Maplewood Senior Living

A Seamless Process

Greenleaf Energy Solutions is a national company dedicated to helping assisted living, skilled nursing communities and their Real Estate Investment Trust partners implement energy efficiency solutions. It is important to make sure we ensure a seamless process with minimal disruption to enhance the resident experience, while improving the bottom line. We worked closely with the local utility companies to secure maximum incentives when upgrading over 700 fixtures to LED’s across all three locations that increased asset valuation and net operating income.

Lighting Fixtures Retrofitted to LED's
Annual Energy Savings (kWh)
Annual Cost Savings
Energy Reduction


Retrofitting can be a very cost-effective method for your business to scale, while saving operational costs.

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