At Greenleaf Energy Solutions, we offer a breadth of knowledge when it comes to local, state and federal government agencies.

Through our alliances with utility companies, manufacturers, and financial institutions, we design and execute energy efficiency upgrades to provide our customers with the most technologically innovative and eco-conscious products available. We offer the highest level of customer care with a five-year "white-glove" warranty that is unsurpassed.

Litchfield's Green Team, made up of representatives from the town boards and the Litchfield energy task force, developed an energy-savings plan for the schools to save the town $100,000 per year. Greenleaf Energy Solutions upgraded the High School, Center School, and Intermediate Schools lighting to energy-efficient LEDs and install occupancy sensors.

Greenleaf provides

  • HIPAA & OSHA Certified Project Managers
  • Minimal Disruption
  • No Cost Financing Options
  • Maximum Incentives
  • Exclusive 5-Year Warranty

Common Recommendations

Interior/Exterior LED Lighting
Occupancy Controls
Energy Management Systems
HVAC Improvements (VFD, Motors, Pumps, etc.)

Significant Savings Up to 70%

We are the incentive and rebate experts across North America making energy efficiency easy and affordable. We know how important it is to assure top of the line technologies, dedicated customer service and cost-effective solutions. Our team of professional consultants and energy experts knows the ins and outs of government and utility rebates that provide significant savings up to 70%! Once rebates and incentives are identified, Greenleaf takes it a step further by offering the best options for 0% financing to ensure projects are cash flow-neutral prospects that increase property value and stand the test of time.

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Litchfield Public Schools
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