Greenleaf Energy Solutions will design, install, repair and provide preventative maintenance solutions for all your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

For any commercial HVAC installation or upgrade, you can count on Greenleaf Energy Solutions (GES) to provide practical, cost-effective solutions.

GES has an experienced team of engineers, project managers, and construction managers to optimize your HVAC investment. Whether it is a simple one-for-one equipment replacement or a central plant redesign, we will explore multiple options to optimize your return. We understand that one size does not fit all, so our energy consultants will tailor a solution around your needs and comfort.

Project Management

Few organizations have the capacity to internally manage large HVAC projects.  Our project management team will run your project to ensure your entire team understands the scope of work and can confidently review and approve equipment submittals.  This will allow your facility team to focus on your teams’ comfort.

Commissioning and Training

Commissioning is critical in every project to ensure energy savings.  We will work with your facility team to demonstrate how your equipment is been installed and train your team on how to manage the system once complete. This ensures maximum comfort and energy savings.  

Optimized System Sizing

Overtime a building’s end use changes but typically HVAC systems do not.  GES will ensure your new equipment is properly sized for your building as it operates today or for future planning.  Benefits of a properly sized HVAC system include comfort improvements, potential for improved efficiency, and reduced material costs.

Optimized Efficiency

Whether your building has programmable thermostats or an advanced building automation system (BAS), there are opportunities for runtime optimization.  We will explore optimal start/stop, demand control ventilation (DCV), constant air volume upgrades, indoor air quality improvements, and numerous other control strategies to maximize return on investment with support through investment-grade energy savings analyses.

Incentives and Financing

Most HVAC projects are capital intensive and often require fiscal planning, GES provides customized project financing for all our projects.  GES will work directly with your local utility to maximize incentives and rebates.

Without an efficient HVAC system, your business is losing money every day.

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