Turn your land, buildings and real estate into revenue generating assets with zero upfront cost

Greenleaf Energy Solutions is dedicated to delivering practical solar solutions to all our customers. No matter your industry or property type our veteran team can develop, construct and maintain a custom system that fits your unique needs and provides you with clean reliable electricity. Transform your available space into an energy producing asset with zero upfront costs! assets with zero upfront costs.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Greenleaf Energy Solutions builds a custom solution that makes it easy to cut energy costs and create a sustainable energy plan for an organizations’ future. Transforming your available space into an energy producing asset can increase your company’s value, producing savings that can be passed to customers as a competitive advantage and enable an organization to benefit from public initiatives and incentives to go green.

The GES Process

Designing a solar array is easy, putting a comprehensive project together that takes advantage of all the different incentives, utility requirements, and financial options that meets our clients’ goals, is complex. Our team will help you navigate these many options that solar can provide and be with you throughout each phase.

Step 1: Gather electrical data to see if solar is a good fit. We will analyze your energy bills to see how and when you are using power and how much it is costing you.

Step 2: Assess your building or land at no cost or obligation. Our team will present an initial design with high level savings and economics utilizing the different incentives in your state and utility territory.

Step 3: We will research all the different financial options that make the most sense for your business and work with our financial partners to get you the best solution with the best ROI.

Step 4: We will work with you and make any updates to your design based on your feedback. We will also bundle in any other upgrades such as roof restorations or efficiency upgrades. Our team will the finalize your system and secure a payment structure that fits your needs.

Step 5: Once permits, financing, and all other prerequisites are complete, our team will physically install your solar system. Our team will oversee the entire installation from start to finish. other upgrades such as roof restorations or efficiency upgrades. Our team will the finalize your system and secure a payment structure that fits your needs.


To promote the adoption of solar and to make projects more affordable, governments and utilities offer tax breaks, grants, and cash incentives. These incentives differ state by state and even by the utility providers. Greenleaf will work directly with your local government and utility to capture the maximum incentives you qualify for. With federal and state incentives at their peak, it has never been a better time to go solar.

Rebates and Finance Options

Greenleaf Energy offers a full array of financing options to all our customers. A majority of our efficiency and renewable projects take advantage of financing. Our expert finance team will model and educate you on all the major options such as, PACE, Power Purchase Agreements, performance & operating leases, and more.

There are also Tax Equity Incentives including:

  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC) - Purchasers can take a tax credit equal to 30% of their basis in a new solar system
  • Bonus Depreciation
  • Accelerated MACRS Depreciation
  • Achieve your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals through solar

Here are a few examples to note:

  • Property owners can reap several benefits from solar project development when combined with energy efficiency results in a very high return on investment. The process is straightforward. We provide a complete analysis and review of each potential project site in order to determine the best approach with the most potential.

  • Greenleaf Energy Solutions also works with municipalities to develop customized solar electricity and storage solutions to reduce energy costs immediately and provide an avenue towards a truly sustainable, green community. Municipalities across the nation are using solar energy as a way to reduce costs, as it is becoming more and more popular nationwide.

  • Greenleaf Energy Solutions works with educational institutions and non-profit organizations with the opportunities to leverage renewable energy technology and efficiency solutions. Systems can be installed on campus grounds, buildings or even off- site land for the organization to leverage the same benefits as communities, investors and property owners. Greenleaf also collaborates with educators to include hands-on learning about solar energy in their curriculum with tools, technology and real application of green energy generation.

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